Original Games

This page will host all of my RPG and related gaming material that I write. Most of which will have a horror/weirdness bent of some kind.

Zombie Nation RPG

Here, at long last, I’ve found my Zombie Nation RPG. Its a mini RPG written explicitly for Simian Circle Games’ d6 Design Contest Compilation, which is no longer available as far as I can tell. My entry, is here for free, however. Enjoy!

ScreamFest RPG v0.1

First up, the Rough draft of my ScreamFest RPG v0.1. This is my take on a rules light horror RPG that focuses on one shots or very short campaigns.  The final book will have 13 complete two page horror scenarios modeled after your favorite horror franchises!  For now, the first full draft of the rules are available for free now!

Savage Worlds RPG Resources

Character Sheets for Savage Worlds Explorers Edition. These will be updated for SWADE (Savage Worlds Adventure Edition) once I pick it up!

Savage Rifts Character Sheet PDF PNG

Savage Worlds Character Sheet PDF PNG

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