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Whats next? My new Spotify Exclusive podcast covering the best in Goth, Industrial, EBM, Synthpop and more. News, History, Opinion and talk all about your fave underground tunes. By partnering with Spotify I can provide the music legally and at a higher quality than I could otherwise. Each episode will include a new single of the week, 8-12 classic genre songs in two sets and a Gruesome Twosome, back to back songs by one creator from the beginning of their career to the very recent along with appropriate commentary.If you are not a Spotify subscriber unfortunately the music will be 30 second clips, but as a subscriber you will be paying royalties so its worth it. Hopefully my content will be valuable regardless but hey, I get wanting to hear the music as that’s the point! I don’t have a release date as if yet, but it should be within the next month or so, And yes… I created the intro music!

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